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{January 30, 2014}   Jack Russell Terriorist

ImageI made my mom take me with her to get breakfast this morning, then I jumped out of the truck while she was pumping gas. I wanted to be outside and not wait for her to finish pumping gas. She had to hold me so the dirty gas station ground wouldn’t get all over my paws that I obsessively chew.  Finally we were done with gas, now it was time to drive, I love to drive however, my mom doesn’t let me. So usually I fight with her until I get my way and am able to drive. We got to the burrito place. “I want a big burrito” I bark, they never seem to get my order. I tried to go in the window to see if they wanted me to help them clean up the floor or try their food. I drive my mom crazy, but she would never hold it against me.  We are home now and I have a strict schedule of begging for the burrito that I just went and got. I can’t believe she is not just giving it to me, I went and got it, I should NOT have to beg this hard to get what is rightfully mine! After burrito, I need to get to my park and piss on the other dogs piss. It is my park, I tell them all, mine, mine, mine!  The mission to pee all over the park was a success, now I must cuddle my human, it is the only way she can sleep. It really is a daunting task but she needs me and I must oblige.

Still mad about my burrito, I must sleep it off.


“Make me something good!” Why do bar patrons think this is a reasonable request.  If I, the bartender, have never met you why would I know what you think is good?  Clearly we are not going to have the same taste in drinks. Nor will I be able to read your mind seeing into that clearly complicated brain of yours, so complicated that you can not figure out what it is you would like to drink.  When you make the request of “make me something good”, are you using the force to somehow tell me what you would like to drink or let me know what you normally drink.  On a busy evening when making this request, it is very generous of you to disregard all other customers making it so the bartender can only focus on you and your needs.


“Make me something special!” What?! What does that even mean? What do you think is a special drink? Please explain to me what you mean by “make me a special drink”.  Do you think that we have a “special” book in the back to browse so we can make you a special drink.  There is not one… nor do I have time to concoct you something that you will deem special.  Again, along the lines of “make me something good”, what I think is special may not wet your whistle.  What I think is the most special, precious drink to ever be placed on the bar you may find disgusting and why…. Because I DO NOT know what you think is “special”.  


“What good beer do you have on tap?” WTF?! I think I missed the memo telling me what beers are good and what are not.  Again, depending on you, your taste buds, your beer knowledge, and how worldly you are when it comes to said beer is going to be the weighing factor on what you think is good and what you dislike.  Some people think Bud is a delicious and great beer while others will completely disagree.  Some people are so snobby and stuck up when it comes to beer that they would be offended, for whatever stupid illogical, that nobody gives a crap about, reason, if someone said Bud was a good beer. It’s beer and you’re a douche, you are not better than others for having a more complex palate when it comes to beer. Anyway, don’t ask what good beer I have, I don’t know what you consider good beer and by the way, I probably don’t care.


Bar patrons, please for the love of Cher and all things holy (Elvis, Sonny, Davey Jones, and 2Pac) know what you want to drink, understand what you like when it comes to drinking. If you do need assistance in finding a drink, help the bartender out, give them clues to get you a drink that you will love and demand more of.  Example…. I love vodka but want to try something different still using vodka, not too sweet and no soda.  With that information a bartender can make you an awesome drink that is going to taste great. IF you DO NOT give me helpful tips, you are getting well scotch with a few rocks…maybe. Help you bartender out and they in turn will help you out.  Finally, know your surroundings, do not walk into a small neighborhood bar asking for our wine selection. After the laughter fades, you will find that there is one brand that consists of a merlot or a white zin.  Do not look disappointed there is no reason for us to have more wine than that. We know our bar and our customers as well as, the type of clientele that we want to and do attract.  

Drink up, know what you want, and most of all enjoy your time out at the bar.

{August 15, 2013}   Start Anew!

Today marks, the second large leap my husband and I have taken in the past year. The first is starting a pool business. We have been at it for 3 months and so far besides him being exhausted and over-heated, things are going great. I have learned invoicing and bookkeeping which is a daunting task but worth the time for the knowledge I am gaining.  

The second journey that has just started is me becoming a distributor for It Works.  I am so very excited to be selling a product that helps people to be healthy, lose weight and tighten, firm and tone body parts.  This is not a miracle product but it does work wonders on everyone who tries it.  It is very exciting to see people get excited about how their body looks after just one wrap or how they feel after taking the greens and not have to rely on caffeine any more.  We also offer vitamins and skin care products, all made using all-natural products.  I don’t think I have been this excited about a product before and definitely not enough to try and sell it.  I am looking forward to learning more, making friends, growing as a person, and mostly being healthier!  Bring on the challenges of the second half of the year, I am ready for you!  

Lastly, look for more from me on another level as well, in an effort to build my social media presence, look for my bartending blog, coming soon. “Shut your lips when you vodka with me!” Finally a blog that will focus on both the customer and the bartender. Pet peeves will be revealed as well as, tips on what to drink and how to make it at home. 

{November 7, 2012}   Barking dogs

“anonymous” neighbor who complained that my dogs bark all day and the neighbors are talking. Bitch, the dogs are barking not sleeping around. I am sorry that my dogs bark when people come on their property, but guess what bitch, it is their property and they have every right to protect it. Oh, by the way get your fucking grammar correct when you talk shit about my babies. Bitch, I will not accept you telling me what is respectful and what is not when you don’t know your grammar, sorry, you become irrelevant. What in the hell are you doing during the day when my dogs bark more, I know they do, I have stayed home, are you trying to sleep? Sorry my dogs don’t respect your hours, get over it and they don’t bark incessantly, they bark when they feel threatened, that includes their home. Next time you want to leave a note discussing my dog, have the fucking balls to do it to my face so we can fix the issue like adults and I don’t have to act like a high school student and slander you all over the internet. cowardly cunt!

Did you ever see the commercial where the boss says, ‘I didn’t get here by being smart!” I always found the commercial funny, in a “funny because it is true”, kind of way.  At what point do you lose the edge and smarts that got you to the top or helped you become the owner of your own business?  I am perplexed by owners that have no people skills, no management skills and no common sense. Did they never have it or was it lost somewhere along the way to the top? 

A head’s up to the owners of the world, just because you are the owner does not make you smarter than your employees, they may know a thing or two, isn’t that why you hired them in the first place.  Like most situations and with most people boss or not; it is inappropriate to ask someone a question to immediately cut them off and give thoughts on the subject or the answer that you think it should be. It is inappropriate and it is rude, a quality that a lot of bosses have inherited.

To have a happy work place show your employees respect and they will respect you back.  (hopefully)

If your employee has done something wrong, talk to them, let them know that they have messed up. Don’t just start taking responsibilities away from them.

Stop believing and treating employees like you are better than them and smarter than them, it makes employees angry and does not help productivity. 

Stop and listen to your employees once in a while they may teach you a thing or two and when they do, don’t get angry because they know something you don’t, appreciate that you are still able to learn things.



{July 29, 2011}   What did I do….

It is official, I am/we are house hunting. Not only are we looking for a new house, but we are looking for a new neighborhood.  Am I ready to give up living this close to Old Town Scottsdale?! Is it wrong that I want to find a house that is close to a few bars.  I am growing up but I still want to be able to go out whenever I want and go to places that are fun and not “old”.

Did I mention that while house hunting, I am also in the beginning stages of planning a wedding, oh ya and summer school.  This will be easy, right?

It will be as long as everything goes the exact way I plan.  HA!

It is time to buckle down, house hunt, study, and plan a little at a time.

Bring it on senior year, new houses and wedding. I am ready for the challenge.  I vow to be fun and pleasant the entire time.  Even if I have to put Three Olives out of busines

The Great American Grump Out is today. All Americans are asked to go 24 hours without being grumpy, crabby, or rude. So sour pusses, suck it up!

If I didn’t read this definition first and only talked to people, I would have thought it meant to be super grumpy, bitchy and rude but no. These people refuse to recognize what I can only assume will soon become a national holiday. These people want to be ridicuously hard to deal with, you know the type, they start walking your way, you try and look busy so you don’t get the rath. Listen jerks, no one cares why you are grumpy, being rude or just a shitty person in general NO ONE. So please get off your high horse of shitty attitudes.

In honor of not being grumpy, crabby or rude today I am going to carry around a big stick, if you choose not to participate in this great holiday I will poke you with my stick. *Note: the stick is now offically being called poking stick.

I am sure you are saying to yourself, this chick is rude, grumpy and crabby because of this post and where does she get off writing this.  I assure you none of my personality’s moods today have fallen into either of those categories. I will nicely poke you with my poking stick and I will nicely and politley let you know why i did so.

So inconclusion, for one friggin day can you please stop being grumpy, crabby and rude because again, no one cares that much about why your in these moods.

Don’t forget today is also International Respect for Chickens Day so get out there and show respect to all those chickens who have sacrificed their lives for us to eat delicious chicken wingys and other chicken cuts. Except chicken bologna and chicken sausage thats just gross!

Drunk Diva…

{April 26, 2011}   A whole lot of UGH!!!


Thinking your time is more important than someone else’s (mostly in a business aspect.)
What do all these things have in common, they are things that I find super annoying.
Recycling: DO IT!! How is it that hard to get off your fat ass and walk 10 extra feet to the bin that is marked recycling. Get off your high horse, you are not too good to recycle. Actually, if you don’t recycle you are a douche. It helps the planet, it helps your future, it helps the future of the children. Stop being too lazy to but the plastic bottle or any other recyclables in recycling bin.

Internet: I don’t know if you knew this but the internet can now be found on computers and not just certain computers all computers. If you have cable, DSL or even, god forbid, a land line at your house or place of business you too can access the internet. Yay, 2011!
If you have to type in a domain name into a browser to access a database, email, movies or whatever it is your looking to do, YOUR ON THE INTERNET. Just because it is an icon saved to your desktop, does NOT mean that you can only access it from that computer, you just need to be smart cleaver enough to know the domain name and type it into any browser that you wish, on any damn computer you wish. I should not have to constantly remind you how to access the internet. Also I am not doing voodoo when I access my work email from my phone, personal laptop or any other computer for that matter. It’s on the internet the world wide web if you will.

Stupidity/spewing your stupidity: Do I really need to say more. Take that extra two f-ing minutes to think before you speak, everyone will appreciate your effort and maybe, just maybe you won’t look like such a jackass.  I am not promising you anything though, you are the ones that continue to stupid speak, phrase after bloody phrase.  Also, why do you think it is ok to speak as much as you do about nothing of any importance to anyone.  Why do you think any one cares besides yourself?!?!

Rudeness/arrogance/”calling the kettle black, pot”: In some instances are one in the same but not always. However, how is it that you are so arrogant that you think it is ok to do the exact thing that you are complaining about but don’t realize that you are doing it.  Are you so arrogant that you don’t realize how rude you come off to others and then you get pissed when they counteract your rudeness.  Here’s the thing, your a douche! Stop being so douchy and maybe, just maybe people won’t be rude to you, but lets face it, your much to arrogant to think that your doing anything wrong. It is everyone else BUT you that is having the issue.

You know that some of you fit into these categories.  Knock it off!!!!

{July 3, 2010}   Week 5 The final week

The group has really come together to finish our paper. The comments from our peers were very helpful and insightful. In areas that we were struggling fresh eyes showed us. Both the coordinator and the final draft writer came together to focus on getting our paper perfect. We had our tasks and focused on them. I really liked the ideal of editing our groups papers, it allowed everyone to read each others papers and give our opinions. For the first time in my many writing classes, it was fun to write and learn what other groups “causes” were.

{June 28, 2010}   Week 4

Our group is working together quite nicely. We have found a good niche. I like that know one is afraid to bring up ideals, and no one is afraid of criticism receiving or giving. I am excited to turn our paper in for the grade but I am also excited about the feed back that we have received from other groups. I think it is a great concept to get peer edited before turning everything in.

I have been trying to practice in my life what our paper is about. I was in Flagstaff this weekend, I did a lot of hiking and found a lot of garbage including many plastic bottles. My boyfriend and I would pick up the garbage that we found and put in the garbage containers, which were usually near by. As for the plastic bottles we gathered them in a garbage bag to bring home and recycle. Thing that annoyed me most about finding the garbage laying around was that there was always a garbage container near by and Flagstaff has recycling bins all around. People are so messy!!

I hope that our paper will teach people that this type of behavior and carelessness is UNACCEPTABLE!!

et cetera